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Hello Friends,

It's been awhile since we've given a proper update, so here are a few paragraphs with our recent plans and appearances.

First, our Summer Tour of Europe is shaping up, with a lot of festivals with great bands of old friends, and a few intimate club shows too. . . . there are a couple more crucial appearances to be announced, but what follows are the majority of the confirmed dates.

7/5- Salzburg, Austria- United People Fest
7/6- Munster, Germany- Vainstream Rockfest
7/7- Zurich, Switzerland- Dynamo
7/9- Vienna, Austria- Arena
7/10- Tolmin, Slovenia- Punk Rock Holiday
7/11- Stuttgart, Germany- 1210
7/12- Bunsbeek, Belgium- Kloemprock
7/13- Lindau, Germany- Stadtfest
7/14- Munich, Germany- AntiFest
7/15- Nurnberg, Germany- Hirsch
7/17- Amsterdam, Netherlands- Winston
7/19- Holte-Stukenbrock, Germany- Serengeti Fest
7/22- Hamburg, Germany- Moltov
7/23- Berlin, Germany- Cassiopeia
7/25- Eisenach, Germany- Alter Schlachthof
7/26- Bausendorf, Germany- Riez Open Air
7/27- Dieburg, Germany- Traffic Jam Open Air
7/28- Rokycany, Czech Republic- Fluff Fest

All the Anywheres are busy working, playing in other projects, and living their lives, so we haven't been able to tour like we once did, but new songs and concepts are definitely starting to cook up. As of this writing, we have no firm plans for any other touring or recording, but the creative fire is still lit between the five of us, and we will be building a new record through these next few seasons on our own timeline .. . . as long as it takes to be inspiring to us and a meaningful document.

We are very much looking forward to the Tour in July, and the chance to re-connect with our friends in Europe who we haven't seen in at least two years .

In other media news, this past year we have had the honor of working with Chris Hamer of UrbnPop Comics
who has featured a visually stunning adaptation of our song 'Detonation' from Change Is A Sound in the premier issue of his comic Pink Noise !
This lovingly crafted piece of lush,surreal protest art also features the song lyrics of our dear hometown friends, Tim Barry and Rob Huddleston/ Ann Beretta. Check it out and get a copy or two
before the first print run is gone.

Also, the long-awaited
interviews book is out, and our friend and inspiring comrade David Ensminger has reprinted and included our LOTD Interview from 2003 at the book's end, as a humble Outro, if you will - to the preceding 300 pages of best hardcore punk compilation tape(of words)ever. It's got uncompromising, critical and joyful in depth interviews and rare photos from all, or most,of the ferocious and brilliant bands and individuals from the'70's and '80's American Hardcore generation. This essential volume, and a great many other fine books that will change your life are available from PM Press
. We are proud to be a small part of this worthy addition to your coffee table punk books collection. Cuz we know you've got one of those.

Finally, I'm attempting to add some fresh content to the long-suffering FAQ section, this time from an interview during our most recent East Coast Tour . Which takes us back to 2011. Man, this global economic crisis is bullshit.

Take care everyone and Up The Punks,

Solidarity and Love,

Thomas and Strike Anywhere

4 Jun 2013

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